Technology at Washington Middle School

Washington Middle School uses interactive software, interactive whiteboards, and digital tools (laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads) in every classroom.

About our Promethean Boards-
Promethean tools increase student engagement, provide immediate feedback to students, and give students practice using the tools of the 21st century digital age. Learn more about why we use Promethean Boards.

Promethean's ActivClassroom includes interactive white boards, student voting devices (ActivExpressions), and specialized presentation software (ActivInspire). Using the ActivClassroom changes how teachers and classes interact, how students learn, and how teachers monitor student growth.

To find out more about how Promethean helps teachers teach and students learn, click the link below!

Promethean Educational Research

About our tablets/handheld devices-
All music, math and science classes are equipped with iPads. Students use educational applications such as Geogebra and Sushi Monster to practice key skills taught in their classes.  All of KUSD’s Google Classroom tools are available on the iPads, as well, so students can create projects using Google Tools for Education, which allows students to access their projects anywhere they can use the internet. 

Students also have access to iMovie and Garage Band, and they learn how to use both applications to create new music and video projects.

Our library offers a large catalog of ebooks through KUSD’s OverDrive media library.  With parent consent, students can check out Nooks, Kindles, and iPods to download and read ebooks. 


About Compass Learning-

Compass Learning educational software provides each student with individualized learning paths based on his or her skill level in key math and literacy tasks.  As students work through Compass Learning, they have the chance to develop new skills while they review what they’ve just learned.  Teachers can adjust individual learning paths according to student needs and course content. 

A recent (2014) national study, students who used Compass Learning solutions showed 187% academic growth, 87% more growth than students who did not use Compass Learning.  We have had great success with Compass Learning at Washington Middle School, as well.

Watch the video to find out more.

We at Washington Middle School are committed to providing students with the most interesting, personalized, and relevant curriculum while building the twenty-first century skills that students will need in higher education and the workplace.  Talk to your child to find out how s/he uses technology here at Washington.